FREE Debt Solutions

A Proven 1-on-1 Debt Management And Solution Session That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night

With Over 10 Years Of Experience Helping The Community Be Debt FREE, We Can HELP!

Are your outstanding debts causing you SLEEPLESS NIGHTS?

Have you been paying off your debts for years and yet the principal amount never seem to ever decrease?  

Are you​ FRUSTRATED of working hard and even working more than 1 job just to pay the banks?

Are you worried and stress out by lawyer's letters and legalities send by your debtors​?

Do you wish to end all the HARASSMENT CALLS and even DOOR KNOCKING of your DEBTORS? ​

Are you SICK and TIRED of going to agencies and other so called "debt consultants and counsellors" who just don't seem to understand your situation? All they did was to either ask you to increase your income or cut down on your expenses which includes your basic necessities? 

We Are Here To Help And Provide A Better & Smarter Solution For You!

Dear friend,

Do you want to get your life back on track?

FREE from all the worries that keeps you awake at night.

FREE from the constant stress from all your debtors harassment and thinking on how to settle your debts.

Over our 10 years of experience we have helped clients who have debts of over $8,000 and even up to $1.2 million dollars. We have people coming to us on the verge of SUICIDE as they thought there is no way out of their financial problems. Regardless of the amount you owe we want to share with you that there is a SOLUTION and a way out of your debt situation!

Client Case Study 

Jeffrey (not his real name to protect his privacy) has debts of over $90,000. He owe several banks which he took as loans and also outstanding credit cards with the banks. His take home salary is $3050, every month he would pay the minimum sum of $2500 to all the banks! He is only left with $550 for his daily necessities and it doesn't help that his wife is not working and he have 3 kids to feed. Basically he is working for the bank!

So what did he do whenever he has shortage of cash?

Since he always pay the minimum sum he is still able to use his credit cards or cash line so he would then use them again to survive. This goes on for more than 12 years and he knows he is forever stuck in the DEBT TRAP. Many are like him, they thought that they are able to "manage" their debts but reality is for the case of Jeffrey he is paying the bank for over 12 years and his principle amount have never decreases.

The question is how long can someone carry on this lifestyle?

Fortunately for Jeffrey he heard about us. We sat down with him to analyse and we collated all his outstanding debts. Our GOAL in every session is not to ​see how much he can afford to pay off his debts but to strategise on how much he can SAVE so that he no longer needs to keep taking credits from the bank.

We guided him and propose a solution and within 3 months we managed to get him into the programme and best of all instead of paying the minimum sum of $2500 every month which he did for years he now only pays $790 every month!

That is a SAVINGS of $1710!

What is the difference before Jeffrey meet us and after he met us?


There are many people out there who are in debts who do not know their RIGHTS and the process (legal of course) to cut down on their debt repayment. They only start to do something about it when they no longer can service their loans.

They will only start to PANIC when they received legalities or lawyer's letter from the bank. This is why we came up with this FREE debt solution session.

We are here to EDUCATE the community on a smarter and more efficient debt repayment and management programme.

This FREE Debt Management & Solution Programme Is For Those Below:
  • Outstanding Credit Card Debts
  • Debts With Licensed Moneylender
  • Hire Purchase Debts (Courts, vehicle loans, etc.)
  • Bank Loans
  • Any other unsecured debts
  • Due to overwhelming response we are priortizing serving those who have total debts of $15,000 or more
So How Are We Able To Help You In Your Debt FREE Journey?
  • We will sit down and analyse your debt to income ratio. This is IMPORTANT to understand your financial standing
  • We will consolidate all your outstanding debts and strategise on the best possible solution where our FOCUS is not on how much you can pay your debtors but how much you can SAVE!
  • Advice on how to handle your debtors when you received lawyer's letter or harassment form your debtors. Basically we will share your LEGAL RIGHTS
  • Getting rid of the debts completely via means such as bankruptcy, debt relief schemes/plan or a full and final settlement. We help you tackle all your outstanding debts head on and explain the different solutions available in depth.
  • Our aim is to FREEZE all interest that are compounded and stop you from being a slave to the bank!
  • At the end of the session you will have a SOLUTION GUARANTEED that you will be comfortable with. Our PROMISE is that you will leave our session and walk out with HOPE
  • We will partner you every step of your debt free journey. We will provide the expertise, support and advice on the steps to be taken. You don't have to go through this alone!
Why Should You Believe In Us?

We are not asking you to trust us. We wish we could put up testimonials of our clients but we have a STRICT policy of guarding our client's information. All we are asking is for you to trust yourself. Trust that in order to be in a BETTER situation you will need to make all the EFFORT available. Furthermore, this is a FREE session and our GUARANTEE has always been SOLUTION when you walk out the door. 

We understand you might have reservations as even some government aid agencies are not helping you get to the root of your problem. Please understand we don't work for the banks or your debtors. We only work and serve YOU. We have no conflict of interest unlike some agencies that have the bank's interest to look after. That is why we are a private institution.

How Can This Be FREE? Surely There Must Be A Catch?

We will be transparent and to share that there is NO CATCH and YES it is FREE for the first session where we GUARANTEE that when you step out of the door after the session you will receive a SOLUTION immediately. 

However, if you wish to engage our services to assist and advise you further after the session then there will be a nominal fee to handle all your paper work and to guide you through the process. The exact fee depends on an individual needs and on a case-by-case basis. Let us be truthful here, we understand that you are in debt and we are sensitive to that surely we are not going to further burden you. What we can assure you is that the fee that you pay will definitely be insignificant compared to the savings you will enjoy when going through the debt schemes. For example, if the fee is $100 and if you are able to save $900 from your creditors, will it be beneficial to you? 

This FREE session is also for you to evaluate and see for yourself if we are a good fit. If we sincerely feel that you do not need our services then we will be upfront with you​. Understand that we are not doing sales! This is a calling and a huge responsibility from us in helping you turn your life around. If you are still sceptical then we believe that you are not ready yet to embark on a debt free journey. We really want to work with those who are serious in wanting to get to the roots of their debts and settle it once and for all.

Why Do We Have A High Success Rate?

We walk the talk! We have personally gone through and know how it feels like to be in DEBT!

The reason we are able to provide concrete solutions and advice compared to other so called "Debt Counsellors" or "Debt Consultants" is because we know what you are going through. How could someone give advice when they have not been in your shoes before? But we can confidently say that we can!

Our Debt Educators have been interviewed on mainstream media sharing about their expertise and business. Our business is not just in helping others clear their debts our mission is for you to sleep better at night.​ We pride ourselves in accompanying and partnering our clients every step of the way towards a DEBT FREE life. 

edudebt on suria

Our Managing Director, Mr Khairul Abbas was invited to share his knowledge on debt management on Mediacorp Suria's talkshow "REFLEKSI"



Dear friends,

It is NOW the time for you to take control of your LIFE. In every PROBLEM there is a SOLUTION if you work hard enough for it and we are here to provide that SOLUTION. Even if you choose not to meet up with us all we want to share with you that there is HOPE. There is a BETTER and SMARTER way to overcome your debts. You are in control of your debts!

Imagine a STRESS FREE life once you are able to find a solution. What it feels like to be worry free and not constantly thinking about how to go about settling your payments. Think about how your love ones will benefit from you being in charge of your finances. All this is POSSIBLE and it starts with YOU.​

Some of you would still be hesitant and asked yourself this is too good to be true. Well it is what it is, we have nothing to hide. This FREE session is our way of giving back to the society and what we hope for is for you to spread the word around that there is HOPE to others in the same predicament. We are willing to invest our time with you now the question is are you willing to take that next action?

We hope to serve you soon and work together with you on your DEBT FREE journey.

At Your Service,

Khairul Abbas

Managing Director, EDUdebt​

P.S - This is a proven and tested solution focus programme of more than 10 years and with over 98% success rates. All sessions are STRICTLY PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL and is on a one on one basis. Meaning only you or your love ones (if you wish to bring them along) and our Debt Educator.

 P.P.S - We are only able to serve 4 clients every week due to the overwhelming demands and to give our upmost attention to the current clients we are serving. Please book early and do come down for the appointment once we have contacted you.

P.P.P.S - We GUARANTEE a SOLUTION at the end of the session. On average session will take between 1.5 - 2 hours. Our session is designed to educate you on your rights and legal possible solutions to start your debt free life.

We are located at:

​1 Yishun Industrial Street 1,

A'Posh Bizhub #08-19

Singapore 768160

For any further enquiries you may contact us at:

Email: enquiry@edudebt.sg

Contact No.: ​8111 7335

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